The word epidemic is defined as “the rapid spread of an infectious disease.” It’s also a painfully accurate description of the scourge of opiate dependency currently affecting millions of Americans.

Whether it’s pain medication such as Oxycodone, perhaps initially prescribed by a doctor to treat a legitimate ailment, or black tar heroin scored from a street dealer, opiate addiction is indeed an epidemic in the United States.

Over stretches of sustained abuse, a tolerance develops and higher doses are required to achieve the same euphoric effect. This occurs because opiates disrupt the automatic processes critical for life, such as blood pressure and respiration. Opiate-related deaths soared to more than 29,000 in 2014 – the highest number on record.

iRecover Palm Springs’ opiate addiction program is leading the way for successful client outcomes through innovative and evidence-based treatment. Approaches are tailored to address each patient’s unique experiences and needs, and then continually evaluated and modified to adjust with individual progress.

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