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iRecover Palm Springs News: iRecover comes to California

Canada’s most successful drug and alcohol treatment program is now available in the U.S. iRecover Palm Springs is located in the beautiful and always sunny Palm Springs, California area and of

iRecover Palm Springs News: Enough is Enough!

“Most alcoholics have to be pretty badly mangled before they really commence to solve their problems.” This is what the basic text of AA tells us, and how frightfully true it is for practically e

iRecover: Participant feedback – iRecover 8 Week Program ( with CBT)

A participant shares her personal experience of the 8 week residential iRecover program with us that includes the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy workshops.  Take a look at her video below.

Serenity Palms: Participant feedback – iRecover 4 Week Program

A participant shares her personal experience of the 4 week residential iRecover program with us. Take a look at her video below.

iRecover Palm Springs: What the Duck?

Some early morning visitors to iRecover Palm Springs enjoying the California weather.

iRecover Palm Springs: In the NEWS

Coverage by KMIR6 of the iRecover Palm Springs opening.

iRecover Palm Springs: 1000 Palms Hike

Participants at iRecover Palm Springs in California enjoyed an afternoon hike with the owner , Jim Gray recently at 1000 Palms Oasis. Jim and the participants enjoyed their saturday taking in th

iRecover Palm Springs: Patience

Patience is not a virtue that I possess naturally, especially when fear or discomfort is in the picture. To sit quietly and wait to “see what happens” is just not in my genetic makeup. It seems t

iRecover Palm Springs: Heel!

Sometimes the best way to help is to listen. While it may seem quite natural at times to delve out sound advice to one whom we deem could clearly use it, sometimes what people really need is to simpl

iRecover Palm Springs: iRecover Alumni takes 5 years!

We would like congratulate our alumni and extend our best wishes to them as they take 5 years clean and sober. We are extremely proud of KW, KH and TW who are a shining example of what is possible to

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